“Gay Goth Scene” wins at San Marino Int. Film Festival

Great news from San Marino, Italy: Kai Stänicke received the “Short Film Award for Human Rights” at last night’s San Marino Int. Film Festival awards, honoring his short film for “Gay Goth Scene”. Including this international competition prize “Gay Goth Scene” has now won three awards overall – and there are even more film festivals coming up.

In other news, check back here on Monday at 3pm CET. We’ll have a rather exciting story to tell you. Also follow us on Facebook or Twitter if you haven’t already.

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More screening dates

“Gay Goth Scene”  just won its second award, having been named best German short at the International Queer Film Festival Hamburg. Congrats to director Kai Stänicke!

Upcoming Screenings:
Nov 05 – ESP, Málaga, 23d Fancine – Fantastic Film Festival (official competition of online short films)
Nov 07 – CZ, Prague, 14Th Queer Film Festival Mezipatra
Nov 16 – SMR, San Marino, San Marino Film Festival (International Competition)
Nov 19 – AT, Wels, Youki – International Youth Media Festival (International Competition)
Nov 21 – DE, Hannover, Up-And-Coming International Film Festival Hannover (Competition)
Nov 23 – DE, Bochum, 21st Blicke Filmfestival des Ruhrgebiets (Competition)
Nov 23 – SVN, Ljubljana, 29th Gay And Lesbian Film Festival
Nov 29 – FR, Saint-Étienne, Face A Face Festival – Festival du Film Gay et Lesbien (Official Competition)
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“Gay Goth Scene” Short Film and Digital Single

“Gay Goth Scene” is finally here! While the video itself has its online premiere in various countries – watch it at tape.tv, Clash Magazine, and Exclaim! – the digital single is out now on iTunes.

In case the short film isn’t available in your  country due to geoblocking (sorry about that, it’ll be available on Monday for everyone to watch!), here’s something to make up for that: a free download of Noblesse Oblige’s remix of  “Origin:Orphan”.

Hope you like what you see (and hear)! Let us know what you think by using #GayGothScene on TwitterFacebook, or wherever hashtags work these days.

UPDATE: “Gay Goth Scene” is now up on YouTube for the whole world to watch:

“Gay Goth Scene” Wins its First Award!

Good news, everyone! Kai Stänicke’s short film for “Gay Goth Scene” has won the “Tadgell’s Bluebell Honor Award”, being named “Best Short Film About/For Youth” at the 16th Auburn International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults. The festival took place last week in Reading Cinemas in Auburn as well as Primary and High Schools from around the Western Sydney region. Many thanks go to the jury and all audiences!

While “Gay Goth Scene” has been shown on several film festivals throughout the year, the movie will be released online on October 4th with more details to be following very soon!


The release of “Gay Goth Scene” is upon us. The video for “Gay Goth Scene” has already made the rounds at special screenings in Toronto, Los Angeles, Ogunquit and Tel Aviv with future screenings slated for Salento Finibus Tarrae in Italy, Queer Lisboa, Face a Face St. Etienne and Wiz Art in Lviv.

Before the song and video are set free onto the eternally fleeting internet, a limited edition 7” is going to be ready for patrons of our special Vazaleen appearance in Toronto June 30 (RSVP here)—tickets will be available at the door (limited, too), get them on general sale now.

Berlin fans can get their copy at a follow up show at Bergain Kantine on July 13—further news on this will be following soon.

“Gay Goth Scene” released on June 30, 2013. Artwork taken from “Gay Goth Scene” issue #2, by Joel Gibb and Paul P.


For those in Kingston this weekend, we’re playing the Skeleton Park Arts Festival this Saturday in McBurney Park and it’s a free event. There’s also a connecting art event the following Sunday evening at 7pm; a selection of works of felt by Joel Gibb will be at The Artel (205 Sydenham Street).


The first glimpse of the new record is in sight. “Gay Goth Scene” – already known to live audiences – will be previewed first as a short film. Toronto fans will get the chance to preview the new single from the forthcoming album Age (set for release in the fall of 2013) this month at Inside Out Film Festival.  The video was directed by Kai Stänicke and shot in Berlin last winter. More information coming soon.

Production still from “Gay Goth Scene” by Elsa Quarsell.

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