New album “Age” out in January

Fellow Followers: we’re happy to announce a new album by The Hidden Cameras, titled “Age”. Following up on the first single “Gay Goth Scene” it’ll be self-released on Evil Evil and comes with seven new songs (eight in total). Pictured left: the cover artwork of “Age”.

Our sixth studio album “Age” will be available from 24 January 2014 worldwide (Evil Evil/Motor Music), Canada will get the album on 21 January (Evil Evil/Outside Music). You can already preorder (and listen to snippets of) “Age” on iTunes (USACanada, Germany) and Amazon.

The album release will also be accompanied by a new string of live dates which will be announced soon.

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1. Skin & Leather
2. Bread for Brat
3. Doom
4. Gay Goth Scene
5. Afterparty
6. Carpe Jugular
7. Ordinary Over You
8. Year of the Spawn