The release of “Gay Goth Scene” is upon us. The video for “Gay Goth Scene” has already made the rounds at special screenings in Toronto, Los Angeles, Ogunquit and Tel Aviv with future screenings slated for Salento Finibus Tarrae in Italy, Queer Lisboa, Face a Face St. Etienne and Wiz Art in Lviv.

Before the song and video are set free onto the eternally fleeting internet, a limited edition 7” is going to be ready for patrons of our special Vazaleen appearance in Toronto June 30 (RSVP here)—tickets will be available at the door (limited, too), get them on general sale now.

Berlin fans can get their copy at a follow up show at Bergain Kantine on July 13—further news on this will be following soon.

“Gay Goth Scene” released on June 30, 2013. Artwork taken from “Gay Goth Scene” issue #2, by Joel Gibb and Paul P.