Awoo – New Album + Single + Tour + Video

The Hidden Cameras release their third studio album, AWOO, this summer 2006. Out on Evil Evil (Canada) August 15th; Rough Trade (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) August 4th; Rough Trade (Sweden) August 9th; Rough Trade (UK+Rest of World) September 5th; Arts & Crafts (Amerikkka) September 19th.

Track listing:
1. Death of a Tune
3. She’s Gone
4. Lollipop
5. Fee Fie
6. Learning the Lie
7. Follow These Eyes
8. Heji
9. Heaven Turns to
10. Wandering
11. For Fun
12. Hump from Bending
13. The Waning Moon

The title track will be released as a UK-only 7″ single (b/w Why I Understand) on Rough Trade on September 30 Detroit Chicago Ontario and Montreal. Details here.

Videos to be added on site include AWOO — shot sundown to sunset this past spring 2006 in the frozen forests of Southern Ontario.