Special solo gig

Berliners! A special solo gig happening on August 14 in Lichtenberg. Joel will be doing a short solo set as part of Stephen Coates’ bone_music_roentgenizdat project presented by buerodoering. Two of the songs will be recorded live to X-ray film using the old Soviet bootleg technology. The show is in the courtyard of the Yard of the Studios ID
Genslerstraße 13-13A, 13055 (directly opposite Villa Heike)

Admission is FREE
Exact set time TBA but the open air exhibit is 2pm-10pm

More info at www.bonemusic.berlin

Bonemusic image

“Redemption” video out now

The video for “Redemption” directed by Jan Klesse stars the famous Berlin artist and local hero the Käpt’n Rummelsnuff and was shot at the Kirchenruine Wachau in Saxony.  Other shots from the video were done at Fockeberg Leipzig, the only hill in Leipzig built from the ruins of WW2. 

“Redemption” single out now

Today we release the perfect dreary summer single “Redemption” streaming on all platforms today. It was recorded in Munich and features the ethereal and guttural breaths of Vaginal Davis. The summer of 2021 will be known as the summer of hope and promise of redemption and this new one-off single provides the translation of this current collective emotion. Play it loud.

Death of a Tune now streaming

“Death of a Tune” was released as a 7″ single on September 19, 2006. It is now being re-released online and features the never-before-streamed b-side “Reaper in Mind” which has been mixed again and re-mastered by Don Kerr at Rooster Studios in Toronto. More reverb for the reaper. Available for the first time on iTunes and streaming platforms today!


death of a tune


AWOO now streaming

We are making some rarities available for the first time on all streaming services. Originally released on CD and 7″ in 2006 on Rough Trade Records, the “AWOO” single is now available on all streaming platforms with its fast, jaunty b-side “Why I Understand”. Take a listen!